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Vacation Security

Thieves look for what police term “targets of opportunity”

The holiday season finds many families taking trips away from home. Nobody wants to return after a relaxing vacation to find that their house has been burglarized. There are steps you can take to reduce your chances of becoming a victim while you are away.

Load your car inside your closed garage to avoid advertising to passersby that you are leaving. Never leave a car parked outside overnight that clearly displays suitcases and other items packed for the trip. 

Ask trusted neighbors to keep an eye on your home, but be careful with whom you share your travel plans. Limit who has information as to when your house will be unoccupied.


Repair any broken windows, doors, or locks. Double check second floor and basement windows, areas that are often overlooked.


Do not leave exterior clues to advertise your absence. Arrange to have mail, newspaper, and other deliveries either stopped, or picked up by a trusted neighbor. Have a neighbor periodically park a car in your driveway. Have outside lights turn on and off with timers or motion detectors. Arrange to have the lawn mowed or the driveway and walks shoveled. The bottom line: make your home look occupied.

If you live in the SLMPD service area, officers will periodically check your home during your absence if you so request. Simply contact us a few days before leaving and we will add you to the list. If you live in another city, check with the agency that provides law enforcement to your area to find out if they provide this service.

For further information, contact Community Service/Crime Prevention Officer David Hohertz at 952-474-3261.