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South Lake Minnetonka Police Department

Burglary Alert

As the summer months come into full swing, so does some of the summer crime activity. It is important to remember to lock your homes and vehicles to prevent thefts and burglaries. Several incidents have recently been reported to the South Lake Minnetonka Police Department, and are currently under investigation.

During the week of June 13th, 2010, several residents in our community reported overnight burglaries of their homes. The incidents involved at least one suspect entering the homes through unsecured doors, and stealing property from inside the homes. There have also been numerous reports of unlocked vehicles showing signs that someone had gone through their contents.

Some of these incidents were reported in the neighborhoods listed below. 
  • Third Avenue apartment parking lots - Excelsior 
  • Smithtown Road, between Eureka Road and Grant Lorenz Road - Shorewood 
  • Valleywood Lane/Eureka Road area - Shorewood 
  • Birch Bluff Road/Eureka Road area - Shorewood 
If you have any information regarding these incidents, or you believe you know who the suspect is, please contact the SLMPD through Hennepin County Dispatch at (763) 525-6210. 

Prevention Reminders: 

Before leaving the house or retiring for the evening:
  • Close and lock windows that are at ground level or easily accessible;
  • Check and lock exterior doors (including garage doors). 
Keep garage doors closed and locked when you’re inside. 

Keep vehicles locked and always remove valuables (even when parked in the garage or driveway).  

When away from home and you have no other choice than to leave valuables in the vehicle, hide items from plain view prior to arriving at your destination.