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H1N1 Influenza Update - Minnetonka School District



Minnetonka School officials are continuing to monitor the outbreak of Influenza H1N1. We are doing everything we can to monitor the situation and be prepared.


We are asking parents to do the following:


1) Talk to your children about basic infection prevention: washing hands frequently, covering your cough, avoiding contact with sick individuals, keeping hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth, eating healthy and getting rest to boost the immune system. All Minnetonka classrooms will have hand-sanitizer available to students.


2) If your child has flu-like symptoms, please keep your child home and call school to report the absence. When you call in the absence, please provide the school health office a detailed description of the symptoms.


3) If any member of your household is ill with flu-like symptoms AND any member of your household has traveled in the last seven days to Mexico or to parts of the U.S. with confirmed cases of H1N1 novel influenza, or had contact with sick persons who had been to one of the areas, please contact your health provider and report the symptoms and travel experiences.


4) Families who are not insured and may have flu-like symptoms are invited to call our School Nurses for a referral to a health-care provider.


5) If your child has flu-like symptoms, and is nearing the limits of the High School attendance policy, please call the school office and talk to the principal.


At this time, the Department of Health is not advising any exclusion from school, except for individuals who have flu-like symptoms.


If you have additional questions about our school procedures, please contact us at 952-401-5000.

Source - Chanhassen Villager (May 4, 2009) -